Slalom | Different Sounds Zone

Different Sounds Zone invites you to a special concert. This time we will meet the band Slalom and their new album, Wunderkamera  (Wunderkammer), which was released on 14 October 2015.

a0488102157_10-1024x914The title Wunderkamera  refers to 16th and 17th  century cabinets of wonder. Wunderkammers were the  predecessors of museums and originated in medieval royal and church treasuries.  Typical wunderkammers usually displayed a variety of objects, exotic animals and other curiosities, sometimes items ascribed to mythical creatures such as the unicorn’s horn.  Those collections gave equal space to science, legend and art. In their “ Wunderkamera”, Slalom present a gallery of characters and animals transcending all those worlds –  the creations of a triple-headed music unit-  and a collection of music curiosities.  Their new album is very dynamic; on the one hand, the tracks are brief but on the other hand, they don’t lose the trancelike sound typical for the band.

Slalom was set up in 2013 by  musicians  associated with the record label LADO ABC ;  Bartłomiej Tyciński (Mitch & Mitch, Alte Zachen, Starzy Singers), Bartosza Webera (Baaba, Mitch & Mitch)  and Hubert Zemler (Piętnastka, Natalia Przybysz, Moped).  The sound they play results from the band’s use of unique instruments. Lap steel guitar,  sampler and  analogue synthesizers inspired the  band to create a cycle of eclectic compositions, where timbre experiments  blend with elements of rock, country and improvised music. A unique combination of sampling method with lap steel guitar  sounds brings to mind  associations with the traditional music of the USA, krautrock, psychedelic music, improvised music and electroacoustic experiments  of the pioneers of electronic music. Even though each member of the band has participated in projects of vastly contrasting stylistic character, the end result of their efforts in this instance becomes particularly fresh and coherent. The band played many concert in Poland and they also debuted abroad during the Nuits Sonoroes Festival in Lyon.

When: 17 november 2015, 19:00
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a, Lublin
Tickets: Free

Different Sounds Zone – is a cycle of concerts featuring original performers, most interesting independent record labels and a variety of musical genres and their arresting combinations. This cycle is a continuation of the summer festival East of Culture- Different Sounds and allows us to abandon musical routine and experience new sounds.

Since December 2015 Kaiser Söze Foundartion is the partner of DSZ.