sneaky jesus

sneaky jesus – a Wroclaw-based jazz quartet deeply rooted in the indigenous tradition of the genre, which when combined with elements of breakbeat, western jazz and punk rock creates a cool yet expressive blend. The quartet’s sound is characterised by open forms, unpredictable dynamic shifts and a penchant  for long improvisations. In sneaky jesus’s music, the standard division between rhythm section and soloists seems to have faded away. Instead the group acts as one organism supporting each other.  It is these qualities that the musicians captured on their debut album „For Joseph Riddle”,  released on May 28, 2021 under the banner of the London-based label Shapes Of Rhythm.


Matylda Gerber – tenor & baritone saxophone
Maciej Forreiter – electric guitar
Beniamin Łasiewicki – bass guitar
Filip Baczyński – drums

Sneaky Jesus |10.07.2022r, 19.15 | Festival Tent, Błonia