Soft Eject

The origins of this folk-rock Tibilisi-based date back to 1989. Its current incarnation consists of: Nodar Manchkhashvili (percussion), Anna Sikharulidze (accordion and keyborads), Emzar Burduli (French horn), Giorgi Kobakhidze (guitar, vocals), Sandro Nikoladze (flute) i Vaho Babunashvili (bass and vocals).

Presently, Babunashvili is one of the leading figures of the Georgian independent scene and a co-founder of the Tibilisi Open Air, Step Records and Altervision agency.

During its long career, Soft Eject has explored various styles and genres of music, including art. rock, progressive rock, psychedelia, folk and ethno. They will play in Lublin for the first time.

Watch video:

11 July 2014, 00:00 | Festival club, Błonia