Hubert “Spięty” Dobaczewski is a rare gem in the Polish music scene. He’s a guitarist, vocalist, producer and, above all, a first-rate lyricist who has managed to maintain consistently high quality for over twenty years. He’s an artist gifted with extraordinary sensitivity, a keen eye, a talent for telling original stories, but also a distance to the world and himself and a sense of humour. It’s been 12 years since the release of his solo debut, the memorable album „Antyszanty”, so it was high time for a new album, primarily since his original band Lao Che, with whom he celebrated his greatest successes have gone on a break. Therefore, this year, Spięty has served us his long-awaited new album called “Black Mental”, which reminds us of the elements he is interested in and incorporates in his work. After all, he started out in metal bands like Aberration and rapped on Koli’s extraordinary album, „Szemrany”.