The steps to gender equality in the music industry in Poland | Design Thinking workshop

Join us for a workshop that will explore ways of prototyping innovations to make the Polish music industry more inclusive. The registration for the design thinking workshop to take place at East of Culture – Different Sounds 2022 is open until June 18!

  Music professionals and artists can now register to participate in an innovative design thinking workshop in which we will prototype solutions supporting inclusivity in the music industry in Poland.

An international group will participate in this Design Thinking workshop on July 8 (Friday), and the outcomes will be discussed during a panel discussion on July 9 (Saturday). The event is co-organised with the international organisation Keychange, whose partner is Different Sounds Festival. The workshop marks the beginning of a much longer process related to inclusivity in the music industry. Its next phase will be held in cooperation with Music Export Poland during CultureOnLive between 12-13 September 2022.

 What is the situation of women in Poland’s music industry right now? What challenges must we overcome before we can discuss the inclusivity of the music industry in Poland? And ultimately, how can Poland develop a sustainable music industry? These issues will be among the main topics of this year’s East of Culture – Different Sounds festival, which since 2021 has had the honour of being an official partner of Keychange, a dynamically growing organisation and business network that supports equal access to professional opportunities, festival line-ups, and significant discussions within the international music industry.

 The workshop „The steps to gender equality in the music industry in Poland” will be a unique opportunity to participate in this type of think tank session in Poland to make meaningful social changes and create solutions for the industry in an international forum.

 How will the workshop benefit you? 

  •  + Attending the event means taking an active part in a project that’s part of Keychange’s core activities. It allows you to become involved in a network of initiatives across Europe and Canada and influence the development of the music industry in the area of inclusivity and equality.
  • + Taking part in an interactive activity with an engaging, inspiring and diverse group of representatives of the Polish and international music industry creates new networking possibilities. 
  • + A chance to discover fresh and creative approaches to problem-solving by working on projects using the Design Thinking methodology 
  • + An opportunity to broaden your horizons, gain insights into the Polish and international music industry and share experiences.



  We warmly encourage artists and music industry professionals who fit the following requirements to apply:

  • + you have at least five years of experience working in the Polish music industry (international experience is welcome)
  • + you are committed to the topic of equality in the industry and have significant experience which they would like to share in a larger forum
  • + you are a professionally active artist or perform one of the following professional roles: journalist, manager, tour manager, festival or other music event director, agent, record company owner, publisher, or employee of a cultural institution working in the field of music, etc.


When: July 8 2022 (Friday), 10.00-15.00
PLEASE NOTE: By declaring your attendance, you are committing to all five hours of the workshop
The results of the workshop will be presented on July 9 2022 ( attendance is optional)

Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a, 20-112 Lublin 

Registration: Admission is free. The participants cover the costs of travel and lodging while in Lublin.  The workshop will be conducted in English.

Register via the online form:  FORM

How will we work? The formula of the workshop 

The workshop group will consist of 30 participants – representatives of the Polish music industry and the international participants of this year’s Keychange development programme.

Design Thinking is a world-renowned, multi-step process for developing innovations and solutions. It integrates a thorough grasp of the audience’s challenges and needs. This approach, inspired by start-ups, entails working with resources, sharing experiences, and thinking out of the box.


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