Stian Westerhus | NOR


 Stian Westerhus – a Norwegian experimental guitarist and producer. He is known for his work in many bands, including Jaga Jazzist, Ulver, and Puma. He can fluently switch between genres and aesthetics while maintaining his characteristic, original style. In his solo work, he explores jazz, noise, electronic music, and ambient, but he also composes darker music in the spirit of dark wave. He recorded his first albums for the iconic label Rune Grammofon, and subsequent ones for House of Mythology or All Ice Records, among others. His latest solo album is set to release in 2023, and he is sure to present it to audiences in Lublin.  Westerhus’ concerts are an incredible experience of sounds and various ways of their processing.

9 July 2023, 19.15-20.15  | Festival Tent