Move East Movie – Such Beautiful People


Such Beautiful People – dir. Dmytro Moyseyev, 2013. Runtime: 94 min.

A story about people consciously rejecting civilisation, rat race and the constant need to prove yourself better than others.  The know they don’t fit modernity and that modernity is not a place for them. They don’t want constant changes, they find their own worth in being and contemplation. Even at the cost of loneliness and alienation because no one “normal” would agree to lave behind the  hustle and bustle of the city in favour of the monotonous sound of the sea and repetitiveness of  every day routine existence in favour of nature. But what  does it mean to be “normal”?

When: 8th of July 2016, at 22:00

Where: Square in front of H.Ch. Andersen Theatre

MOVE EAST MOVIE - Eastern European Cinema has been awakening from  the post-communist lethargy and boldly offering interesting alternative to western European, Asian or American cinema. It brings fresh quality, but also reveals new perspectives on the problems of contemporary world, the perception of borders or daily life. The cinematic take on our Eastern neighbours, especially countries of the Caucasus, provides knowledge on the culture of those regions that still  remains little known to an average European. When we initiated the “Move East Movie” cycle last year, we wanted to awaken the awareness of cinephiles and show the everyday lives of the residents of the Eastern Partnership countries as well as the interests of film circles in those countries.