Support Ukraine PIC: The image of war – Exhibition

Exhibition of posters about the war in Ukraine, created by the best Ukrainian illustrators, members of the Kyiv-based Pictoric Illustrators’ Club.

The posters on display come from, created by the Pictoric Illustrators’ Club to fight the Russian aggression on Ukraine and to support its people. Their artwork reflects the current situation in Ukraine and conveys their message about the war. They want to bring it to the world to raise awareness about what’s happening in their homeland.

Pictoric Illustrators’ Club is a community of Ukrainian illustrators, artists and graphic designers, each with a unique style in line with the latest trends in visual arts. The club creates international projects involving talented artists from various countries to promote high-quality, contemporary illustration in Ukraine and abroad. The artists’ works have been featured at the East of Culture – Different Sounds festival in Lublin several times. Currently, Pictoric’s artists produce illustrations, comic books, and posters that support Ukraine and its people and inspire the world to fight for freedom and democracy. The works show the horror unfolding on the eastern border. Still, they also give hope for a better tomorrow. These works are meant to show the truth of the situation.

The artists encourage public exhibitions and sharing their illustrations on social media. As one of the illustrators puts it, ‘While air raid sirens continue to wail and explosions echo through the skies, do not close your eyes. We are all Ukrainians.’

7-10.07 | all day | po Farze Square