sadAt the beginning of December, Different Sounds Zone will present a concert featuring a band whose style cannot be labelled.  This band is Syny and they will treat us to the music recorded on their album “Orient”, which is easily one of the most important Polish album releases of recent years.  Syny will be joined by Adam Gołębiewski – drummer, musicologist and improviser.

Syny are a duo formed by Robert Piernikowski and 1988. Eight months after the release of their first album, there’s a growing sense that “Orient” has not drowned in a sea of mediocrity but instead has become a foundation for the band’s further growth and improvement. Due to their relentlessness and hard work combined with care for great production values and charisma, Syny have become a phenomenon attracting an ever-increasing number of involved listeners absorbing the deeply intoxicating sounds of “Orient”.  The album itself is easily one of the most important Polish album releases in recent years.

Syny’s style is impossible to label. They combine honest hip-hop dirt with deep echoes of dub and the stench of analogue electronics and a message that disorients and makes you question whether what you experience is still music or maybe it’s tuned into a film. Syny have been praised by “Pitchfork” magazine for their concert at the Unsound Festival, and the French magazine “Traxmag” called them “the most beautiful discovery of the New Music Festival”. They have been also recognized in Poland, receiving a nomination for the Nocne Marki Award held by the Aktivist magazine.  After numerous acclaimed concerts at such festivals as the New Music Festival, Avant Art, Unsound or Up to Date, the duo are now starting their autumn/winter concerts in halls and clubs.

Adam Gołębiewski – born in 1984,  drummer, improviser, musicologist and sociologist. He is mainly involved in improvised and experimental music as well as free jazz.

In his work he focuses on the ultimate extension of the capabilities of the drum set and percussion instruments in terms of their anatomy, sound and expression in an attempt to create frank and poignant sounds.  He has worked with such icons of experimental art and music as Yoko Ono or Thurston Moore. He has also performed and recorded with leading figures of improvised music: Mats Gustaffson, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ken Vandermark and John Edwards, Alex Ward, Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoul, Peter Evans, Agusti Fernandez, Tim Daisy, Herman Muntzig, Michael Esposite, Mikołaj Trzaska, Mike Majkowski, Łukasz Szałankiewicz and many others. He lives and works in Poznań.

When: 4 December 2015, 20:00

Where: Workshops of Culture – Warsztaty Kultury, ul. Grodzka 5a.

Tickets:  10 zł– available for purchase from 23 November 2015 at workshops of Culture, 1st floor, Monday- Friday, 10:00-16:30 and an hour before the concert.

This is not the end of our December fun. On 18 December, we will also welcome Ścianka. More information is coming soon.