TALES OF EASTERN WONDERS: „Wiedźmy, czarty i święci Huculszczyzny. Mity i legendy” – Ola Hnatiuk’s book


7 July 2017, 19:00-22:00 | Próba Café – PATIO, Grodzka 5a

„Wiedźmy, czarty i święci Huculszczyzny. Mity i legendy” – excerpts from a book by Ola Hnatiuk. Read and narrated by Grażyna Lutosławska.


The book has collected legends about the creation of the world, God, Satan, favourite Hutsul saints and no less beloved figures from Hutsul mythology – devils with their various varieties, witches, opyry, mawki and czuhajstry.The book opens the door to a fantastical, seemingly forever lost world, perhaps only known from Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors or the epic “Na wysokiej połoninie” by S.Vincenz. The book delights children whose imagination is closest to the naïve worldview presented by the storytellers- authors of the legends.
Excerpts of Ola Hantiuk’s books will be read by Grazyna Lutosławska – a journalist and writer associated with Polish Radio Lublin since 1988. She has written a script for the stage play „O dwóch krasnoludkach i jednym końcu świata” (“About two gnomes and the end of the world”) and a number of audio dramas and many song lyrics, including one for the stage play “Snow Queen” (mus.Janusz Grzywacz that premiered in Teatr Miejski in Gdańsk in February 2013). She writes books for children, including “Leon i Kotka, czyli jak rozumiec mowe zegara” (ed. Fro9, 2004). She has published her essays, interviews and short stories, among others, in the Berlin magazine “polenplus”, magazines : “Akcent”, “Klematis” and “Brulion Kazimierski” and the international collection of short stories Freud sein (Studggart: 2010). She has won many awards, including “Mitstrz Mowy Polskiej” (The Master of Polish Speech” (2013) and the Silver Cross of Merit *2012).