Tales Of Eastern Wonders


Fairy tales, legends and stories are without a doubt those elements of culture that connect everyone, regardless of background, age and education. They contain traditions, folk wisdom and symbolism that is specific for a given culture.  They give us first glimpses of knowledge about the world, teach to show and understand feelings and help us unwind at bedtime,  providing us with nice images to fall asleep to.  During  these  family evenings with  staged tales from the Eastern Partnership countries, we will be able to delve into Eastern sensitivity and magical stories characteristic for our neighbours.


Anna Dudziak –  graduated from the State Theatre Academy in Wrocław. She works with the Centre for Culture in Lublin and H.Ch.Andersen Theatre. She has produced stage plays “Anioł za lodówką” (Eng. Angel behind the fridge) written by Grażyna Lutosławska and directed by Daniel Arbaczewski, “Ony” by Marta Guśniewska directed by Daniel Adamczyk (won 1st place in 21st Nationwide Competition for Polish Contemporary Stageplay , Audience Award and  jury’s honorary award at the Raport festival, Jury’s Award at Maskarada Festival), “The Dream of Natasha” by Jarosław Pulinowicz directed by Bartłomiej Miernik, “The Troian women”  by Euripides directed by Maria Kwiecień. She takes part in performative readings organized by Czytelnia Dramatu (Drama Reading Room). She was a narrator during the meetings Battles of Literature in Teatr Stary in Lublin. She has also appeared in films and tv series.  She also dubs games and animated movies.

Jan Tuźnik –  Actor by education, radio presenter and narrator. She also works as an mc and organizes workshops. He’s involved in anything that concerns broadly defined “word”. Together with friends in 2015 I founded a theatre in a village barn near Kazimierz Dolny. This whole “affair” is called Teatr  Klepisko. I am  professional, involved, and passionate. I simply adore what I do.