The 50th death anniversary of Jacob Glatstein. Presentation of the new book series “Zaktowiczone”

27.06.2021| 16.00–17.00 | Próba Cafe – patio, Grodzka 5a

Panellists: Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska, Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota, Bogusław Wróblewski, Aleksandra Zińczuk –  moderator

A discussion on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Jacob Glatstein, a Polish-Jewish- American poet and writer born in Lublin. The discussion

The meeting is the prelude to the publication of the first Polish selection of Glatstein’s Yiddish poetry, scheduled for this fall (the book will launch on 19 November, the anniversary of the writer’s death).

Jacob (Yankev) Glatstein (1896-1971) – a Jewish poet, writer, and literary critic who wrote in the Yiddish language. He was born in Lublin. In 1914, he immigrated to the USA, where he co-edited the first anthology of poetry addressing the Holocaust. His introspective modernist poetry, subsequently engaged in the complex act of recording the Holocaust and mourning the destruction of the world of Eastern European Jews, is very challenging to translate due to his experiments with language. 

 The upcoming collection will include poems from various periods and volumes, such as „Gedenklider”, „Shṭralndiḳe Yidn”, „Dem tatns shotn”, and „A Yid fun Lublin” (A Jew from Lublin), for which he received the Kovner Award in 1967. He was posthumously given The Jewish Heritage Award for his literary achievements. 

„Zaktowiczone” is a book series aimed at introducing poets and writers from different cultural circles, those who are forgotten or, for various reasons, absent from the mainstream literary discourse and publications.