The Eastern Side of Different Sounds

Way Station, The Elephants, Stonefromthesky and Eryk i Ja are portions of fresh, exploratory music straight from our Eastern neighbours. They are joining this year’s line-up of East of Culture- Different Sounds.

 Artists from the Eastern Partnership countries are constant and integral elements of East of Culture – Different Sounds. Every year, we try to show the most interesting talents and present the most original music phenomena from Ukraine, Belarus as well as Georgia and Armenia. This year, we are introducing our audiences to Ukrainian post rock and indie rock performed by Way Station and The Elephants, electronic music set by Stonefromthesky and the alternative duo from Belarus – Eryk i Ja.

The Ukrainian post rock and post punk scene has been thriving in recent years, as we could see from the performances of bands representing these genres during the previous editions of East of Culture – Different Sounds. This year, this kind of sound will be represented by the Kiev-based Way Station. This instrumental band has been active since 2010. They have released two studio albums – The Ships and The Way of the Minstrel. Their trademark are elaborate, multi-layered compositions which in live performances gain a dreamlike, trance character and sound.

On the other stylistic end are The Elephants, one of the more interesting bands of the last edition of Kyiv Music Days. Undoubtedly, this indie rock quartet is one the bands that are the hope of contemporary Ukrainian stage and they are quickly gaining popularity. Catchy songs, interestingly arranged tracks and lyrics in English – all this promises a bright and very interesting future for The Elephants. Additionally, the band boasts assets that are important in the age of services like YouTube, namely professional video clips, like the one set to the song “Friend”.

This year’s representation of Ukrainian music is complemented by Stonefromthesky. The project is the brainchild of the DJ, producer and composer Alex Zinchenko. His music combines avant-garde electronics with the sounds of live instruments. He juggles various moods, from quiet, discreet moments to heavy, uncompromising, expressive sounds. He is coming to Lublin, among other things, with his latest material – “Spirals”.

The list of eastern artists closes with the Belarusian duo Eryk i Ja, which is a new project of Uladzimir Liankievič (known, among others, from the band TonqiXod) and Eryk Arłoŭ-Šymkus (Harotnica mix, ex-Vuraj). The sounds of synthesizers mix with noisy guitars and vocals, and even real poetry. The music of these Minsk artists sends us towards progressive electronic music, post-rock sound experiments but also a characteristic rebellious energy and punk message coming from the stage.

The concerts will  take place in Błonia, a green area near the Castle, between 27-30 June 2019. Way Station will perform on Thursday, 27 June, on the next day 28 June we will meet The Elephants, on Saturday 29 June Eryk i Ja will appear, whereas on the last day of the festival – Sunday, 30 June we will welcome Stonefromthesky. Admission, just like to all events at East of Culture – Different Sounds is free.

This year’s edition of East of Culture – Different Sounds takes place between 27-30 June 2019. Once again, music will become an inspiration and a point of departure for a free exchange of ideas, discussions on the dynamically changing world and a search for what is shared in it, perceptually sensed at the level of natural human sensitivity. Different Sounds is a meeting of different genres, styles and harmonies that come together in the universal need for self-expression. It is here at Different Sounds that world-class stars of alternative music share the stage with rising stars from the east, and the masters and pioneers of genres vital to the development of music meet pioneers of new niches and seekers of original sounds. All this shapes the unique character of the event and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

More announcements of the many artists to perform in Lublin at the end of June are coming soon.

East of Culture is a pr­oject carried out by the National Centre of Culture with the financial support from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in cooperation with the local governments of Rzeszów, Lublin and Białystok. The aim of the project is to integrate creative groups from Poland and countries of the Eastern Partnership countries.

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