The first acts of East of Culture – Different Sounds 2024 revealed!

Piano virtuoso Lubomyr Melnyk, along with the combined forces of Italian and Japanese avant-garde jazz legends – the RuinsZu project, are opening the lineup of this year’s edition of East of Culture – Different Sounds which takes place in Lublin from June 27-30. This is the 17th edition of the festival organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin and the 11th under the banner of East of Culture. It is a project carried out by the National Centre for Culture with funds from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and executed in collaboration with three cities in Eastern Poland: Lublin, Białystok, and Rzeszów.

The Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk is undeniably one of the most exciting contemporary piano virtuosos, a visionary seamlessly blending the worlds of classical and avant-garde music. Recognised as one of the most distinguished musicians and composers of our time, he has essentially created a new, original  way of playing and using the instrument. On the one hand, this method relies on technical proficiency and high skills, and on the other hand, upon a bold, innovative vision in terms of composition and the creative process. It is said that his piano technique requires elements of martial arts – Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and over the years, his „devotion to perfection” has transported the piano into entirely new dimensions, earning Melnyk the title of „Prophet” of the instrument. His versatility and style ensure that he is perfectly suited to live performances, both in the world’s finest concert halls and at outdoor festivals featuring ambitious music.

RuinsZu represents an absolute powerhouse in the noise jazz and free improv scene. It is a phenomenal collaboration between Italian noise jazz masters, the iconic Zu, and Japanese drumming icon Tatsuya Yoshida, co-founder of the renowned group Ruins. This extraordinary joint project is a culmination of the artists’ interests, incorporating various styles of jazz, but also delving into heavier sounds like metal, noise, and stoner music. Additionally, it features free improvisation and experiments with sound possibilities, pushing the boundaries of instrumental use. A RuinsZu concert is a uniquely immersive experience. At live performances, audiences can expect a mix of material from both Ruins and Zu, as well as new compositions that have emerged from their first concert tour as a single musical project in 2024.

This year’s edition of the East of Culture – Different Sounds festival takes place in Lublin, from June 27-30, 2024. It is a true celebration for fans of alternative music that  prides itself on delivering an eclectic mix of musical styles and genres, ensuring attendees experience nothing short of high artistic quality, originality, and a programme that transcends generations and disciplines. However, this festival is more than just music. Each year, the audience can engage with ambitious literature, captivating cinema, visual arts and photography. They can also take part in workshops designed for families.

As we commence the festival’s announcements, we’re delighted to present Gosia Kulik as the visual concept creator for this year’s festival. She is a graphic designer and painter known for her illustrations, graphic novels, comics, and original picture books. Kulik is an exceptionally versatile artist who navigates the boundaries between the visual and the narrative. She has contributed illustrations to magazines, worked in collaboration with publishers, and authored or co-authored a variety of publications. Her notable works include „Loud Disappearance/Bad Herbs” (2016), „Sick Stories” (2017), „How to Bite Contemporary Theatre?” (2019), „Chrysalises” (2020), and „The Ugliest Girl in the World” (2020). She has received numerous awards and recognitions, notably two recognitions at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (2020, 2021), an a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2021).

Admission to the festival remains free, with more announcements coming soon!

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East of Culture – Different Sounds
27-30 June 2024
Lublin, Błonia near the Castle
Admission is free
Organisers: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Centre for Culture, the City of Lublin, Workshops of Culture in Lublin