“The Glass Plate Legacy” – Exhibition Commemorating Leopoldyna and Edward Janusz

Photography pioneer Leopoldyna Krause and Edward Janusz one of Rzeszów’s most prominent photographers were united by their passion for photography and their love for each other. Sounds like a cheap love story? Nothing could be further from the truth. See how their story unfolded in Galician Rzeszów through glass plate negatives.

Leopoldyna Janusz was born on October 11, 1862, in Raabs an der Thaya, Austria. She spent five years honing her skills at a renowned photography studio in Vienna. Remarkably, at the young age of twenty, she established her own photography studio called „Poldi Krause” in her hometown. In 1889, she married Edward Janusz and relocated to Rzeszów, where they jointly operated the studio „E. Janusz”. Following Edward’s death in 1914, Leopoldyna took over the management of the business. Her enterprising nature and spirit of innovation were further demonstrated through her architectural investments in Rzeszów. The photographer passed away on August 4, 1934.

Edward Janusz was born on October 19, 1850, in Lviv. He served as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, where he developed an interest in photography. He opened his first photography studio in Lviv, then in Zolochiv. Later, he moved to Rzeszów, where he opened a studio under the name „E. Janusz” on July 1, 1886. In 1898, he was granted the title of Imperial and Royal Court Photographer, recognising his photographic mastery. Edward left behind a remarkable photographic legacy, including nearly 34,000 glass plate negatives, film negatives, and photographs depicting the residents of Rzeszów and its surroundings. This collection is one of the largest and best-preserved sources of historical photographs in Poland, all from a single source. The photographer passed away on March 3, 1914, leaving behind a significant contribution to photography.

Curator: Joanna Jęczalik
Text: Ilona Dusza – Rzeszowska
Graphic design: Anna Wilk
Photographs are sourced from the personal archive of Elżbieta Kaliszewska and Fundacja Rzeszowska (The Rzeszów Foundation). The exhibition was organised as part of East of Culture – European Stadium of Culture 2023 festival by Estrada Rzeszowska in collaboration with Fundacja Rzeszowska


When: 6-9 July 2023, 10.00-18.00
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – exhibition room, 2nd floor