The Herbaliser

 The Herbaliser was set up in London in the 1990s by two producers and musicians – Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry. In this project, they have made a very skillful instrumental fusion of jazz, hip-hop, funky and a number of other inspirations. It has given them room to develop their own concept of progressive club music. Today, this original collective are celebrated as legends of the British jazz and electronic club music. The artists also rank among some of the most influential bands of the turn of the century – an extremely creative and important time for the British music scene. It was then that the next wave of contemporary music from the Isles conquered global markets. The period gave rise to the Bristol trip hop by Massive Attack and Portishead, Prodigy recorded one hit after another, and London was dominated by such labels as Ninja Tune or Warp Records which focused, among others, on acid jazz, jungle, ambient or IDM. The Herbaliser’s founders have been with Ninja Tune from the start and the band has been one of the label’s flagships for many years, along with Amon Tobin, Bonobo or Coldcut. In Lublin, we will see them perform with the nine-piece live line-up and they will be one of the main stars of the upcoming East of Culture- Different Sounds.