The Lazy Jesus presents UA Tribal | UKR


The Lazy Jesus presents UA Tribal is a music and visual project by Ukrainian producer, musician, and DJ Ehor Havrylenko, better known as The Lazy Jesus. In UA Tribal, he combines various rhythms and beats with Ukrainian folklore. His sets primarily explore ethno music from Ukraine and other parts of the world, using it as a basis for creating interesting dance music. As a DJ, Ehor has performed in  various cities, including Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Vilnius, and Bali. In Ukraine, he mostly plays at the HVLV club in Kyiv and works as a music editor for the well-known Ukrainian label Masterskaya. Before embarking on his solo career, he played the bass and keyboards in many Kyiv-based indie and pop bands. In 2021, he won the RAP UA AWARDS in the „Sound Producer of the Year” category. Since 2022, Ehor has been presenting his UA selection on European stages, showcasing independent electronic artists from Ukraine who create music during the war. Two of his selections have been aired on radio stations in Vilnius and Munich.

9 July 2023, 23.30-0.45 | Festival Tent