The Plastic People of The Universe


A phenomenal band and a band that is a phenomenon in its own right. Undisputedly, one of the most significant counter-cultural groups in Central and Eastern Europe. With the name borrowed from a famous song by Frank Zappa, the band’s origins date back to 1969 (the breakthrough year in the history of music for a number of reasons).

The band’s style can be best described as an inflammable concoction of psychedelia, symphonic sounds, and art rock – all with a touch of folk, jazz and – not infrequently – heavier sounds, such as punk. Alongside DG 307, The Plastic People of the Universe have become the symbol of nonconformity and resistance to official authority, which obviously resulted in persecution and repercussions of the musicians, including interrogation, physical violence, revocation of their passports, and – ultimately – years of imprisonment.

Over the course of time, the band split a number of times, disbanding and reactivating frequently; different incarnations and mutations of the group, including Pólnoc, came into existence, each of them – to a different extent – derived from the original Plastic People.

The band’s appearance at Different Sounds Festival will provide a unique and one of a kind opportunity to see and hear the genuine Plastic People of the Universe. This is an opportunity that one simply cannot afford to miss.

9 July 2015, 20:30 | The Tent Stage, Blonia