In the music business, the artists are unanimously considered to be one of pioneers of post-rock as well as flagship alternative instrumental music.Tortoise was founded in 1990 in Chicago and over 25 years of work, they have achieved a cult status.  They were one of the first to very deliberately and innovatively combine jazz and electronic music with rock.  Long, extended compositions and incredible, trance-like character of their concerts have quickly become the band’s trademark. Over the years, the artists recorded more  surprising albums and enjoyed many interesting collaborations, for instance with Chicago Underground or B.P. Billy. Their art is varied and keeps changing, but it never goes below their high level of artistry. Tortoise on stage is mostly all about sound and movement but also melodiousness and harmony that clash with avant-garde improvisation. It is Art with capital A.

9 July 2016,  21:00-23:00 | The Błonia Stage