One of the flagship stars representing the Belgian label Crammed Discs. Tuxedomoon are named in the same breath as Joy Division, Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Blondie or New Order as some of the pioneers of such genres as new wave or no wave. They do not shun classical music nor ballet, avant-garde, post punk or post rock. Even though they come from San Francisco, they have been active all over the world. In the 1970s and 1980s they were an integral part of the New York counterculture of the Warhol, Basquiat or Lou Reed era. The next step was their over decade-long journey to Europe where the band continued to search for their music style and language. It led to excursions towards minimal music, jazz and even gipsy music. Today, after over 30 years, Tuxedomoon is still the perfect example of sublime artistry, genuine message and they enjoy esteem pertaining to outstanding bands. In Lublin, fans will have a chance to listen live to such hits as “In a manner of speaking” or “No tears”, as well as to immerse in trance, dreamlike atmosphere that always accompanies Tuxedmoon’s gigs.

7 July 2017, 21:00 | The Błonia Stage

Event supported by  Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles à Varsovie