Tymon Tymański & Different Sounds Orchestra


Tymon Tymański is going to perform with a very special band and repertoire during the East of Culture – Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival in Lublin.

The motto of this premiere concert is a short and accurate slogan proposed by the artist – „War is obsolete”. We wish to refer to a part of the vast cultural heritage of Eastern Europe and to remind everybody that dialogue and peaceful solutions should always triumph over mindless violence and brute force.

Therefore, the Different Sounds Orchestra, led by Tymon Tymański, is going to take up the wide spectrum of anti-war, anti-systemic and pacifist songs from Poland and its eastern neighbours. Thus, we will be able to listen to classics by Okudzhava and Wysocki, as well as to contemporary songs by 5nizza or Leningrad. The compositions – carefully selected and prepared in new arrangements – will be presented by Tymon and his musicians accompanied by special guests. These will include: Ania Rusowicz – one of the most beautiful voices in contemporary Polish music, Natalia Pikuła – known for the phenomenal female band Drekoty, Olaf Deriglasoff – a legend of the Polish underground scene, and Daniel Hertzov – an American songwriter of Russian descent, a true specialist in Eastern poetry. Such an ensemble guarantees a memorable artistic experience and an excellent performance of cult compositions.

In times when new military conflicts break out very near and before our own eyes, the anti-war concert gains significance and becomes our artistic response to the problem. The immortal motto by John Lennon – „War is over if you want it!” – should be repeated. The world has had enough of wars and conflicts – every rational, thinking and feeling individual understands this. Music and culture can unite people, and the East of Culture – Different Sounds Festival can become a perfect platform for such a unification.

10 July 2015, 20:30 | The Błonia Stage

Friday, 10 July 2015 at 20:30 PROGRAM