It’s a project of a 25-year-old musician from Skała near Cracow, hailed the guitar revelation of 2019.  The music is a fusion of catchy riffs and electronica. At the same time, the lyrics offer bittersweet observations of the everyday reality of Waluś and his peers. The observations are surprisingly colourful, and the artist describes the songs as poetry sung on a firecracker. Even though WaluśKraksaKryzys’ debut album “MiłyMłodyCzłowiek” was not professionally recorded, it was named one of the most exciting releases of 2019 and led not just to a series of concerts but also a contract with Mystic Production. In April 2021, the artist released another album, “Atak”, which, like its predecessor, is full of references to a life full of failings, where DDA syndrome and stimulant addiction are just the tip of the iceberg. The artist continues to work under an alias without revealing their real name.