Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra


Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra is exceptional not only because their debut album „Wëndelu” was published under a prestigious American label, and their music is played in BBCby the DJ legend Gilles Peterson himself. It is because an orchestra that combines Afrobeat, reggae, dub, funk, rock, jazz and world music in such a unique way is truly hard to find. A group of experienced musicians and three vocalists is a multicoloured dance mixture that makes it impossible for anyone to stand still. The artists have participated in numerous projects, such as Village Kollektiv, Żywiołak or Elvis Deluxe. In Lublin they are going to present a premiere of their newest material.

Band members: Iza Byra – vocals / Magdalena Kuś – vocals / Anna Piotrowska – vocals / Jan Jędrzejczyk – piano / Wojciech Trusewicz – guitar / Rafal Gańko – trumpet / Adam Kłosiński – trombone / Karol Gołowacz – saxophone / Jakub Bruszewski – bass / Igor Chołda – percussion / Dariusz „PepciaQ” Daniszewski – drums


10 July 2015, 19:00 | The Błonia Stage