Eastern Express: ”What kind of Ukraine, what kind of Europe?” – debate


What kind of Ukraine, what kind of Europe?” – debate featuring Kateryna Babkina, Halyna Kruk, Andrij Lubka. Moderator – Andrij Saweneć , o.Tomasz Dostatni OP

Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – patio

Kateryna Babkina (b.1985 in Ivano-Frankivsk) – is a well-known Ukrainian writer, journalist and screenwriter. She has published volumes of poetry (“St.Elmo’s Fires”, 2002), the novel “Sonia” (nominated for the Ukrainian BBC Book of the Year award 2013), a collection of short stories and books for children, including one dedicated to children with cancer. She also writes movie scripts (a short film based on Kateryna’s books was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016) and a play – “Hamlet Babylon” that was performed in Kiev and Geneva. Her books have been translated into English, Czech, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Romanian and Russian; in June her works were translated into Hebrew for the first time. The collection “Happy Naked People”(published in Ukraine in 2016) was translated into Polish and published by Workshops of Culture in 2017. It was the author’s first book published in Poland.

Halyna Kruk (b. 1974 in Lviv) – writer, translator, scriptwriter, literature historian. She is the author of five poetry books – “Journeys in Search of a Home”, “Footprints on Sand” (both 1997), “The Face beyond the Photograph” (2005), “Co(an)existence” (2013) and “An Adult Woman” (2017). Her poems and pieces have been included in numerous anthologies and translated into many languages. She has written 5 books for children, two of which have been published in 15 languages (as part of the international children’s project “Step by Step”). She translates other works from Polish, Belarusian and Russian (she has published, among others, Kazimierz Wierzyński’s poems, Stanisław Lem’s “Mystery of the Chinese Room”, Wojciech Górecki’s “A toast to our ancestors”). Winner of several international literary contest, a fellow of Gaude Polonia Scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2003, 2010) and Villa Decius Homines Urbani in Cracow (2005) as well as the Baltic Centre of Writers and Translators in Gotland (Sweden, 2007, 2018). She is the vice chairwoman of the Ukrainian PEN Club. She lives in Lviv and teaches at Lviv University.

Andrij Lubka (b.1987 in Riga) – one of the most interesting Ukrainian writers of the young generation, poet, prose writer, essayist, translator, columnist, social activist. Winner of the literary awards “Debut” (2007) and “Kyiv Lawry” (2011), a fellow of the Gaude Polonia Scholarship granted by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland (2010, 2012). He has taken part in literary festivals all over the world – from Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul. His works have been translated into Polish, German, English, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Czech, Serbian, Macedonian, Lithuanian, Slovak and Turkish. In 2017, he was nominated for the Angelus Central European Literature Award for “Karbid”. The short story collection ”Pokój do smutku” brought him the Kowaliwów Award (USA) for Prose. One of the short stories in this collection has been made into a film.

Andrij Saweneć – translator, PhD in literature studies, a lecturer at the Catholic University of Lublin, a holder of  a scholarship of the City of Lublin.

Fr. Tomasz Dostatni OP  –  b.1964 in Poznań. Dominican, journalist, pastor, preacher; the chairman of the foundation „Ponad granicami”. He’s organizing, among others, a series of debates and meetings with interesting personalities.