Why do we need festivals today? – discussion

6 September 2020 | 17.30–18.30  |  Festival Tent 


In view of the changes that are intensely taking place in the cultural sector – not only because of the pandemic, but also because of political or social contexts, and above all because of new expectations of the audience – we would like to reflect on the contemporary role of festivals and their significance for the development and reception of culture. We will talk about whether the content of the event’s programme  is still relevant and whether it is still about culture. We will consider how much social responsibility the festival format is able to bear, how much such events should be politically or environmentally explicit and how to adapt wisely to the changing world.

Panelists: Tamara Kaminska (Vice Director of Music Export Poland), Olga Brzezinska (Programme Director of Miłosz Festival), Jędrzej Słodkowski (Head of the Culture Department in „Gazeta Wyborcza”), Radek Chudzio (Fource Entertainment). Moderators: Agnieszka Wojciechowska (Programme Director of the East of Culture – Different Sounds Festival), Rafał Chwała (Artistic Director of the East of Culture – Different Sounds Festival).