William’s Things

A project of three first-rate artists, namely Michał Górczyński, Tomasz Wiracki and Sean Palmer, operating at the intersection of sonic improvisation, musical avant-garde and poetry. The point of departure for the trio’s work is the poetry of William Blake, a British Romantic poet. Pop culture has often evoked this extraordinary figure, suffice it to recall Jim Jarmush’s “Dead Man” or John Zorn’s concept albums. William’s Thing have become a vital part of this tradition and have added their own, original voice. Their concerts are unique word and sound experiences of ritual, even cathartic nature. They are beautiful, intimate meetings with great art. Aside from the phenomenal content based on Blake’s work perfectly matched to the music, the project also blows your mind with the incredible form of performance. William’s Things take us away from the classic concert hall into nature filled with trees, greenery. We are transported to the soothing natural world.