Wschodni Express: Andrij Lubka “Twoje spojrzenie, Cio-cio-san” | book launch

27.06.2021 | 11.00–12.00  Próba Cafe, Grodzka 5a – patio

translated from Ukrainian into Polish by Bohdan Zadura.  Cover designed by Ewelina Krzuszewska

Panellists: Andrij Lubka –author, Bohdan Zadura – translator, Mariana Kril – moderator

Twoje-spojrzenieOne December evening, a drunken judge in his black BMW fatally runs over the protagonist’s wife on a street in Uzhgorod. After the hit-and-run perpetrator is acquitted, Mark Zadrożny decides to serve justice and take matters into his own hands. Andrij Lubka’s new novel begins as a social thriller, disclosing the corruption of the contemporary Ukrainian country. But as the story develops in several time frames, the original perspective changes dramatically.

“My Raulka was killed by a judge and this country, which permits such a thing to happen. The country where everything is possible. Where those who proclaim law, sow lawlessness. Let them hear and see me. I have paid for this message with my life.”

Andrij Lubka | Ukraine (b. 1987 in Riga) – is one of the most interesting Ukrainian young writers of the current generation; a poet, prose writer, essayist, translator, and columnist. The winner of many literary awards, among them “Debut” (2007) and “Kyiv Laurels” (2011), a recipient of the Gaude Polonia scholarship granted by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland (2010, 2012) who has taken part in many literary festivals around the world from Rio de Janeiro do Istanbul. Lubka’s work has been translated into Polish, English, German, Serbian, Portuguese, Russian, Belarusian and Czech. In 2017, his novel “Carbide” was nominated for Angelus Central European Literature Award, while his collection of stories “Pokój do smutku” received the Kovalev Foundation (USA) award for prose. One of the stories in this volume was turned into a film.