Wschodni Express: Book launch: Igor Pomierancew’s “KGB i inne wiersze”

Book launch: Igor Pomierancew’s “KGB i inne wiersze”, trans. from Russian by Zbigniew Dmitroca.

Magdalena Kicińska in conversation with the translator.

“KGB i inne wiersze” / KGB and other poems– Igor Pomerancew’s poems are typically brief—rarely more than a dozen lines. The almost constant use of irony, self-irony, and occasionally sarcasm is another defining characteristic. They are frequently novellas that are based on both real and imagined events. The poet assumes the parts of his protagonists much like an actor would: he adopts the personas of his protagonists, whether they are a lonely senior, a patient in a mental institution, the manager of a retirement home, or a lab mouse. He does not shy away from difficult, unpoetic issues like incurable diseases, pandemic, long-term incarceration, old age, death, and war. The book ends with powerful poems that were written during the Russian invasion of Ukraine and with which the exiled author is spiritually and biographically tied.

Igor Pomierancew (b. 1948 in Saratov) – grew up and completed his studies at the University in Chernivtsi. Since 1978, he has resided in the west, including Germany, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic. He has spent 40 years working for BBC and Radio Svoboda, two international Russian-language radio stations. He’s a prolific writer of lyric poetry, essays, and books of prose. In literature, he focuses on the four elements: water (in the book about wine – Late Vintage), earth (Czer- nowitz, Cziernowcy, Czerniwcy), air (the play “Do you hear me?) and fire ( love poems Homo Eroticus). His poetry and prose have been translated into Ukrainian, English, Polish, Czech and German. He has produced a number of documentaries, one of which focused on the war in eastern Ukraine. Regular participant at the Meridian Czernowitz Poetry Festival.

7.07.2022 | 12.00–13.00 | Bałagan – patio, Grodzka 5a, Lublin