Wschodni Express: Book launch: Łeś Bełej’s “Lustrzany sześcian”

Book launch:  Łeś Bełej’s “Lustrzany sześcian”, trans. from Ukrainian by Bohdan Zadura


Lustrzany Sześcian / The Mirror Cube –  at first glance, Łeś Bełej’s poems have a conventional, agreeable lyricism that gives them the impression of being cultured and sophisticated. However, upon closer examination, one may discern an endeavor to grasp the totality of human existence, with the poems annexing ever larger areas, ranging from geographical and temporal to cultural expansion. The erudition of this poet is admirable. The examination of the world is accompanied by the exploration of the self. While one frequently runs into tired (or worn-out) tropes or metaphors here, this first impression is misleading because the Author retains full control over them and avoids sentimentality. Lustrzny Sześcian / The Mirror Cube  with its classicist spirit, is in fact avant-garde.

Łeś Bełej (b. 1987 in Uzhhorod) – lives in Kiyv. He studied Ukrainian philology at Uzhorod University and English at Wrocław University. He works at the Potebnia Institute of Linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He has published three collections of poetry, including: Son et Lumiere. Листи без відповіді (Son et Lumiere. Listy bez odpowiedzi), 2007, Дзеркальний куб (Lustrzany sześcian), 2012, Книга про ліс (Księga lasu), 2016 and books of prose: Ліхіє дев’яності. Любов і ненависть в Ужгороді (Marne lata dziewięćdziesiąte. Miłość i nienawiść w Użhorodzie), 2014 oraz План порятунку України (Plan ratunkowy dla Ukrainy), 2018. The winner of “Debut” (2008) and Smoloskyp Publisher Prize (2011). His poems have been translated into English, Polish, Czech, Greek, and Serbian.

 7.07| 17.00–18.00 | Bałagan – patio, Grodzka 5a, Lublin