Wschodni Express: “An Ideal Framework for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation?”

 “An Ideal Framework for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation?” – a discussion accompanying the introduction of new books published in the “Zaktowiczone” series

A discussion on the political philosophy of the advocates of Polish-Ukrainian dialogue. The conversation will be held in the context of the publication of new books in the „Zaktowiczone” series: the first edition of Józef Łobodowski’s drama „Wyzwolenie” and the planned edition of Henryk Józewski’s philosophical treatise (from the archives of Kultura Paryska).

The participants will debate which aspects of current political philosophy are controversial and which ones should be kept. Additionally, they will discuss what more could be added today to continue supporting Ukraine throughout the war. We will try to consider how to build enduring intercultural relations in our increasingly multicultural society.

A century ago, the first spokesperson for the Polish-Ukrainian dialogue – Józef Łobodowski, poet, translator, prose writer and columnist – returned to his native Lublin. He arrived in the city in 1922 by train from the Caucasus, where he had grown up among Cuban Cossacks, where he had firsthand experience with both poverty and the momentous Communist Revolution. His previously unpublished drama “Wyzwolenie” / „Liberation” was published in the „Zaktowiczone” series and offers a glimpse into the sociopolitical system of the time of the Great Depression

Participants: Jarosław Cymerman, Mariusz Sawa, Wojciech Pokora, Aleksandra Zińczuk

9.072022 | 13.30–15.00| Bałagan – patio, ul. Grodzka 5a, Lublin