Wschodni Express: Kateryna Babkina “Nikt tak nie tańczył, jak mój dziadek”| book launch and panel discussion

26.06.2021 | 16.00–17.00 Próba Cafe – patio, Grodzka 5a

translated from Ukrainian into Polish by Bohdan Zadura, cover designed by Ewelina Kruszewska

Panellists:  Kateryna Babkina – author, Bohdan Zadura – translator, Wojciech Szot – moderator

Nikt tak nie tańczył, jak mój dziadekA series of stories about five families whose children meet at school on 1 September in the first year of Ukraine’s independence and remain friends for life.

“Then, a tall girl blinked resolutely and released the hand of her classmate who had managed to forget his anxieties, such was the extent of everything which was new and inconceivable, and she moved her thin fingers along Lilitchka’s collar. From the collar, she unfastened a plastic mouse, a shiny grey brooch with touches of pink, and held it on her open palm for the weeping boy to take. ‚This is for you’, she said. “A gift. Please, stop crying. Stop right now’.  Then it seemed he stopped. Maybe not right away, but he definitely did.”

Kateryna Babkina | Ukraine (b.1985 in Ivano-Frankivsk) – a well-known Ukrainian writer, journalist, screenwriter and culture manager. She has published several volumes of poetry, debuting with St.Elmo’s fires (2002), the novel “Sonia” (nominated for the Ukrainian BBC’s Book of the Year 2013), a collection of short stories and books for children. She also writes film scripts and has written the play – “Hamlet Babylon” which was performed in Kiev, Geneva and Vienna. Her work has been translated into English, Czech, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Romanian, Russian and Hebrew. Workshops of Culture have published her short stories, “Szczęśliwi Nadzy Ludzie  / “Happy Naked People” (2018) and the novel “Sonia”.