Wschodni Express: Ołeh Sencow “Żywoty”

This little book portrays eroding social and family relations during the collapse of the previous government. It gives a critical view of the education and health care systems, empathy towards human destiny and praise for what can be called righteousness or decency. Do not remain silent when someone tries to degrade another person, especially when they are disabled, like the boy with the Down syndrome in the story “Szpital” (Hospital). While it’s a story about childhood in the USSR, it also universally describes daily life in Crimea and Ukrainian province through humanistic prose.
Bohdan Zadura


Ołeh Sencow (b. 1976 in Simferopol) – Ukrainian film director, writer, social activist, took part in the Revolution of Dignity. Since 2014, a political prisoner unlawfully sentenced to 20 years in prison.

27.06 | 17.00–18.00 | Próba Cafe, Grodzka 5a – patio