Wschodni Express: Presentation of Mark Liwin’s book “Riki i drogi”

6 September 2020 | 16.00-17.30 | Próba Cage, Grodzka 5a patio 

The panel will be conducted in Polish, Ukrainian and Polish Sign Language


About the book:

transl. Olga Świncicka
Book Cover: Ewe Kruszewska

“Riki i drogi” (Riki and Ways) is a story about a fourteen-year-old boy with  Aserpger syndrome ( a neurodevelopmental disorder within the autism spectrum). The protagonist escapes to the forest to find himself.
In 2019, the book was  named one of the outstanding books for young people with disabilities by the Swiss International Board on Books for young people.
“The book is largely autobiographical, I had to relive difficult moments in my relationship with my mother and forgive her and myself many things. I dedicate this book to her.” Mark Liwin

Mark Liwin (b. 1988 in Ivano-Frankivsk) – a contemporary Ukrainian writer, journalist, the former director of marketing for the television station He publishes online magazines “The Village Ukraine” an “Inspired”. He took part in TED-x. The winner of literary contests: “Smołoskyp” and “Koronacja Słowa”. The author of  Zhittja ta insha himija (Life and other chemistry). He writes books for children.