Wschodni Express: Wasyl Slapczuk “Ten sam kurz drogi” | book launch

25.06 2021 | 11.00–12.00 Próba Cafe, Grodzka 5a – patio

Translated from Ukrainian into Polish by Wojciech Pestka, cover designed by Ewelina Kruszewska

Panellists:  Wasyl Słapczuk – author, Wojciech Pestka – translator, Mariana Maksimowa (alias Eva Rajska) – moderator

Ten sam kurz drogi

The book takes a deep look inside human existence and attempts to bring order to the world, redefine the meaning of what is good and evil, then establish the line beyond where a person starts losing their humanity and becomes an aggressive, dangerous beast. The protagonist, a writer and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, goes through a midlife crisis, which prompts him to go to a sanatorium where new acquaintances and experiences force him to reflect on himself.

Wasyl Słapczuk | Ukraine b. 1961 in Novyi Zboryshiv in Volhynia) – poet, prose writer, literary critic, literary scholar, translator. He served in Afghanistan, where he was gravely wounded. He has penned several novels, collections of poems and short stories, two of which have been published in Polish: “Woman from Snow” (2012) and “Knyha zabutti︠a︡” (The Book of  Oblivion, 2014) which was shortlisted for “Angelus” Central European Literature Award. He has authored collections of literary criticism, essays and books for children, and has translated Polish poetry by Krzysztof Sawicki and Wojciech Pestka. Furthermore, he has won over twenty literary awards, including Shevchenko National Prize and Józef Łobodowski Literary Award. Słapczuk has received the decoration of honour “Meritorious for Polish Culture”.