Zjednoczenie Soundsystem & Earl Jacob (Tisztelet)

This legendary Warsaw-based reggae sound system has since its inception consisted of Pablopavo (known as one of the singjays in Vavamuffin) and DJ Krzak. They started as a trio over a decade ago, back then with Reggaenerator (also a singer in Vavamuffin), and immediately made a name for themselves as one of the best juggling sound systems in Poland (they are among others two-time winners of Polish sound clashes). At present, Zjednoczenie still consists of three members, but Reggaenerator has been replaced by Diego Cichy Don, one of the most intriguing voices of the next generation of reggae singjays in Poland.

With hundreds of gigs under their collective belt and with respect of both fans and fellow musicians, Zjednoczenie does not fail to deliver whether performing in Poland or abroad. During this year’s Different Sounds, Zjednoczenie – as its name suggests (Zjednoczenie means “unity” in Polish) – will be joined on-stage by Earl Jacob – a suberb vocalist noted for his work with Pablopavo i Ludziki, admired for his solo work (his debut album “Warto Rozrabiać” was released early this year) as well as loved for the Tisztelet sound system that he is a member of.

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8 July 2014, 23:30 | Festival Club, Błonia